Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crappy Foundations

Remember in my previous post that I bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation...

I tried it yesterday, and it was HORRIBLE. 
It seemed alright at first, as I applied it with my fingers it was gliding on smoothly, but apparently if you miss areas you get a dark line where the foundation stops. I tried and tried to blend it out and it just broke into pieces, as if it had formed into some weird texture and it was no longer liquidy, there was no way any makeup would go over it or look good being on top of it, it probably would of broken up the pigments in my other makeup. I couldn't even go out the house it looked hideous.

I removed it with my normal face wash and then re-moisturised and then tried again, just incase the first time was just a fluke... oh no, it happened again.

Ok, I don't want to seem dramatic or anything but I began to panic. I had no foundation to take to England with me, that's when I remembered I still had my Match Perfection foundation by Rimmel, it may be old, but I love it! At times...

So, now I'm in England I can buy all the wonderful products that we can't get in AD, I think I may try the Wake Me Up foundation (?) and I also definitely want to buy the full size of Posietint by Benefit, I absolutely love it, I have the mini version but it's almost ran out, cue sad face and sounds of hysteria :)

So I shall love you and leave you,
Have amazing days everyone!

Much love, 
Emily xx

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