Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Reviews for the future...

So today in Covent Garden, yes ladies and gentlemen - I finally got to LDN! anyway, where was I... 

today in Covent Garden I rather cheekily went into the Benefit Boutique and may have bought two items, one being SunBeam the other Dallas, ok you may be thinking "Why Dallas when there's CORALista and Hervana etc" but to be quite frank I liked Dallas more, it's such a unique colour, a plumy bronze glow and so I bought it. I then caved when I saw SunBeam, just shining on the counter begging "buy me!" Guys, it's gorgeous, and even lovely on pale skin, yay for Benefit!

Real reviews shall be written on these products, but I just had to let you know because I was dying to write about them.

Oh, and I went to 'Screen Face', a professional stage makeup shop place, and I purchased Ben Nye's Cameo Luxury Powder, a lovely slightly tinted setting powder, it leaves such a silky finish and it doesn't leave a white cast, thank the Lord for stage makeup and it's loveliness... oh and it was only £5 :o cheaper than most drugstore cosmetics, wooo!

Ok, I'll stop rambling now as I have to print off train tickets and other wonderful things.
Ciao for now..

Emily xx

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