Saturday, 7 July 2012

Impulse Shopping...

So as you can tell, I impulse shopped today... 

I'm going to England (home) for the summer, and then hopefully to a warmer country in the middle of summer, so I needed to buy a slightly darker foundation as ALL my foundations are lily white. 
So I waltzed up to a Rimmel stand and grabbed a Stay Matte Liquid Foundation, the colours 103 True Ivory and 203 Sand. They're 30ml and in slender packaging, which is ideal for travelling, and it's cheap, so if it's crap then hey ho, I can purchase something else!

(what they look like, however not my colours)

I'll try it for a couple of days, but I won't start using it until around the 10th of this month, so a review should be coming along towards the end of July, as long as I have internet!

I also went on a family shopping trip to Dubai the other day and Dad was going a bit crazy buying things, (I say Dad, but it was pretty much the two of us).
I bought on that day, another impulse buy, a laptop case... I wanted a padded cover for my laptop so I can put it inside a bag (my trusty carry-on for the plane), so I bought the "Whatever It Takes" case from the Apple shop in the design by Paul Smith. The money goes towards a charity, so I guess it's a good buy? OH! And it's REVERSIBLE!!!
So the reversible case, one side purple the other grey, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I also bought (I know, stop buying Emily!) some face creams, because I am running out and I wanted to try something new.
So I stopped by Sephora and picked up some of Sephora's own skin care, I'll let you know how that gets on! and... a Bioderma cleansing water thingymabob for the aeroplane :D

Insert a bad photo taken in the car on my knee!

So, I shall report back on the findings I shall hopefully find and hopefully (touch wood) the products will be fine for my face!

Much Love,
Em xx

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