Saturday, 28 July 2012


I'm turning into a full fledged shopaholic. 
It's getting worse, and I'm pulling my sister over into the dark side...

So, we stumbled into House of Fraser (department store) yesterday, and I somehow managed to reach the Chanel counter and yeah, mayhem happened.

My sister's going to the Proms which is a massive music thingymabob, and it's very dressy and ooh la la etc, so we went to get her a full outfit, dress, shoes, bag!

She never really wears/buys makeup, but she didn't want to buy "crappy" makeup and that she wanted classy things, so Chanel it was.

Well, she bought lots, and I mean lots, and I got a little jealous, so somehow my purse seemed to open and money came flying out, and in return I received a lovely black and white Chanel bag full of goodies!

Firstly, I originally bought this one item, on it's own, the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzing makeup base.
I've always wanted this but never bucked up the courage to buy it, and in it's place I've either bought a lip gloss or lipstick... so I bit the bullet so to speak, and to be honest, for 30g of product for £30, not bad Chanel not bad!

I'm not going to bore you with details as I'm sure that you all know what it's about and what it does and so on and so forth... 
cue awkward picture!

These next items were kind of 'spur of the moment', but they're all gorgeous and lovely and...

Next comes thee Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, of the liquid (ah hem, "hybrid") variety...
I'm shade B20 Beige, but I may purchase the lighter one due to my "slight" tan right now, and it's such a gorgeous foundation! It's light, but has coverage, and it covers my red marks on my face, but struggles at points when I have blemishes, nothing concealer can't handle though! Bit of a pricey purchase though for £32
Please excuse the dodgy photos, I've misplaced my actual camera, so my laptop is doing the work for me!

Ok, this purchase was a complete impulse, I hadn't even heard of it, but the sales lady said they sold a lot, and it was so gorgeous etc!
It's the Soleil Tan De Chanel sheer illuminating fluid in Sunkissed (£31), it's SO gorgeous, perfect highlighty glowy magic, gold but not gold, and it's not a "glitter bomb", just shimmery goodness...

I got the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 69 Flirt (£24), ok, don't mean to be rude or anything put pairing "Flirt" and "69", the Chanel people have a sense of humour!

In the bullet it looks like a vibrant coral, with a good balance of pink and orange, and swatched on my pale skin it looks very much coral, my lips most of the time have little pigment, so it transfers as a light coral, and very beautiful, but I can imagine on more pigmented lips it will transfer more as a pinky coral than an orange coral. It's actually quite pigmented when swatched a few times, it's so beautiful!
For some reason my camera is deciding to be horrible, it is coral, promise you!

Lastly, I bought the Coco Mademoisele Fresh Moisture Mist (£28 for 100ml!), and I'm in love! One of my favourite smells, it's a moisturising spray that you can rub into your skin and leaves you smelling gorgeous and softens your skin, smiles all round!

Thought I should mention a perfume I recently received as a present (from my sister), the new Diesel eau de parfum pour femme, Loverdose...
I love the smell, maybe it's the liquorice or the vanilla, either way, it's lovely and I'll probably wear it all the time, along with my Van Cleef and Arpels and my Flora by Gucci, love love love!

Thanks for reading, 
love Emily xx

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