Friday, 21 September 2012


Ok, so, I've decided to become a bit more creative with my hair and change my everyday routines...
I usually go for "bed head" hair or "beachy" waves, however Pinterest and its wonderful pins has inspired me to try new things...

So here's two I've done over the past week, I did a lovely bun using two rope braid yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture :(

Ok, so #1:

Awkward pictures, I know, but hey ho!

#2, which is todays hair:

Oh HEY Audrey Hepburn in the background! haha...

What do you think? I quite like these hairstyles... Seriously curly, half up hald down with a beautiful green butterfly hair thingymabob. AND, loose curls with 6 plaits pinned back, the fringe pin back was last minute, but I quite like it.

Change is good, no?

Em xx

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