Thursday, 13 June 2013

long time no blog!

I've been so busy these past couple of months in preparation for my end of year exams, the exams that determine whether I go to uni or not- ARGH! 

To start back in easily I've decided to do 'what's in my bag' .. yes I've already done one, but hey ho, this one is a lot better anddd I've changed my bag multiple times since last!

So starting clockwise:

  • leopard print bag - makeup & lady stuff
  • multiple lip products ... fyi the eos lip balms are bloody amazing and the clarins instant light (blah blah blah long name, but beautiful product)
  • extra gum 
  • bite and sting relief spray
  • courtyard mariott pen (from NYC .. pictures to follow, I did go in March but it's only 2 and a half months late.. haha)
  • lipton chai latte saché
  • ipod classic & earphones
  • bobble
  • michael kors purse
  • chanel eyewear
  • ralph lauren aviator sunglasses
  • KINDLE (my life! I love books)

So that's what is currently in my bag!

Up and coming blog posts: NYC photos and rundown, May/June favourites (whichever seems more appropriate), rainbow tag, summer must haves.

much love, 
Emily Louise xx

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