Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tiring Days

So I haven't posted for the past week, however there is a reason behind this!

I've been working at Hyde Park's British Summer Time festival, and I have been working the longest hours and sleeping at every other point. Although my days have been incredibly busy I have had so much fun, and I still have 5 days left... Here are a few pictures to show my time so far!
I'm so smug about my band, get's me anywhere! :)
An amazing rainbow during McBusted's performance of Five Colours in Her Hair!
My colleagues and new friends Clarice and Sophia!
Selfies with Clarice.
And another picture of myself and Clarice, except this time we were 100ft above Hyde Park.
I decided it was a good idea to recline my chair until I actually did it!

I'll be back to regular posts on Monday! 

Emily Louise

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